A woman needs her health, her community and Hertribe. As a Wellness Coach, I support women develop a deeper understanding of the foods and choices that make her thrive, while guiding her back into her own wisdom. 

Hergut program offers tools and resources that support digestion, hormones, energy, stress and the cultivation of a healthy gut microbiome. Health begins in the gut, so together, we'll focus on building a healthy digestive environment to heal the body from the inside out. 

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Introducing my newest coaching program HerSpirit, because a green juice doesn’t always heal the deep yearning for spiritual nourishment. Our bodies want to move back to the state of love and healing. HerSpirit guides you on that journey inward.                                                                                                        
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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Dose of Kraut

 Sauerkraut is beloved in the fermented food world. When we consume kraut it lines our intestines with good bacteria and promotes the growth of healthy flora throughout our intestines.  

Ready to feed your soul what it is truly hungry for? 

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Good Fat vs. Bad Fat Cheat Sheet 

Most of us have been taught to stay away from fats.
Eating fat makes you fat, right?
Wrong. As we now know, this theory is outdated. Fats are making a big comeback thanks to the research of functional medicine doctors like Dr. Mark Hyman..

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