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Every woman needs her tribe of sisters.
Welcome to your tribe! 

Sat Nam, I'm Callie Maggiori!

As a Wellness Coach + Kundalini Yoga teacher, I guide a woman back into her own wisdom to help her

break free of the vibration of STRESS and ANXIOUSNESS.

We come together in tribe in sister circles, group coaching and retreats. 







Here's how I can help...



Becoming Radiant is a 1:1 Kundalini infused coaching program that goes deep to awaken the light within and guide you to the next step in your healing journey. Throughout this program we elevate the psyche with Kundalini Yoga and map out a clear direction for your souls highest calling. 










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Re-Patterning Stress With Kundalini

 We often run the same anxious energetic patterns on a loop, feeling like we don’t have a choice. But you always have a choice. We all have the ability to shift into new vibrations.


My group Kundalini coaching programs are designed to grow sister community and support each other when life is challenging. Showing up for a group program to have others hold you accountable creates growth, dedication to something bigger than yourself and enriches a deep connection to your sisters. My next program 'Breath By Breath' is now enrolling@



Callie Maggiori is the founder of Hertribe Wellness and a Kundalini Yoga teacher in Eugene Oregon. 

Her tribe wellness and Callie Maggiori. 



If you are in the Oregon area you can join one of my weekly classes here! These gatherings are designed to activate our radiant body through Kundalini Yoga, rituals and group discussions. 
















5 Ways To Clear Anxious Vibrations

When we feel anxious, or in self-doubt we cannot hold the vibration of success, inner peace or happiness. As we choose more positive feelings, we align with the vibrational harmony of that frequency we are offering.


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