You are Not Broken. You are Infinitely Powerful.

You are not broken.

We all have painful experiences that we carry with us. They may have left a few scars but we don’t have to let them define us. Recognize how bravely and gracefully you've picked yourself up in the past and come back stronger.

You may have broken into little pieces but you can always re-piece yourself together. It's a choice we can make to recreate our lives, piece by piece. It's not an easy path, but it’s the path towards reclaiming our power. 

You are not broken, you are infinitely powerful!

Ask yourself; What is something you are holding back from sharing with the world, either socially, professionally, romantically or with your family? What are you afraid might happen if you share more of who you are?

Are you ready to reveal yourself? Maybe it’s that you have the courage to leave a job, a living situation or a relationship that is no longer loving. You make a choice to say, “I love myself too much for this” and you walk away. Trust your gut instincts and take an action now.

Whatever it is, release your need for approval from others. This is your life and your time to shine, so claim it now. Don’t be afraid to step into your power or share your gifts. Don’t hold them back or hide them, the world needs you.


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June 12, 2018
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