Straws, Gum & Bloating.

It’s the small things that we often overlook such as the straw in our morning green juice or an offer of spearmint gum after lunch.

I mean really, how much can that matter…?

Apparently, it matters to our gut.

Even some of the most health conscious people overlook this, but straws and gum may have a bigger impact on our gut health than we think. This is because gasses in our gut are produced in two ways; one is produced by bacteria and the other is produced by swallowing air when we eat, drink, suck and chew.

Some of us drink green juices to avoid bloating, but sipping them through a straw may be sabotaging our act of good, actually contributing to bloating. This is because we intake a lot of air when sucking up liquid through a straw. All this swallowed air leads to the belly bloat.

This also happens when we chew gum. Did you ever think about what happens to your body when you intake excessive air and simulate chewing?

To break it down, when we chew gum, we fake out our system and our brain signals our body that it's ready for food. When our body doesn’t receive food, it gets confused and can lead us to falsely crave and overeat to compensate. If we chew gum regularly, this confusion could interfere with our mind-gut connection.

Basically, all this bloating and craving is not good for maintaining a healthy gut environment.

So, what to do about it?

Make mindful shifts. Not saying that you can never drink from a straw or chew gum, but be mindful if it turns into a daily habit. Choose to sip without the straw most days.  

Go natural. Make your own mouthwash with peppermint oil and baking soda. Or chew on mint leaves if you need fresh breathe.

These small mindset shifts can make a big difference. Will you think twice about drinking through straws or chewing gum daily? Leave a comment below!


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June 12, 2018
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