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Dear sisters, when we don’t feel spiritually aligned, it affects every area of our life from the words we speak, to the food we eat, to the quality of our relationships.


Every woman wants to feel vibrant, radiant and in her power. In other words we want to glow! But all too often we feel stressed, worried and constantly trying to keep up. When out of alignment, we don't feel in our feminine power and we simply just don't have the energy to be our radiant selves.




But when we raise our vibrational frequency and step into alignment with our purpose and power; we open the floodgates to abundance, happiness and great prosperity.


We tap into our inner energy source and align with a vibrational frequency that attracts all our highest desires. That energy then begins to flow and we find ourselves more supported by the universe than ever, watching our dreams unfold into realities. We start to glow, radiate and attract quality relationships, a dream career and abundance into our lives, like magnets. 


In Kundalini our aura is known as our eighth chakra; the radiant chakra. It vibrates at its own frequency and when you alter your vibrational frequency, you directly affect your physical world.


This group coaching experience is designed to activate your inner radiance using the technology of Kundalini Yoga through a series of yoga exercises, breathing and meditations. Together, we will cultivate your vibration by gathering in circle to practice Kundalini. Our thoughts are instantly manifesting and can keep us stuck in negative energy patterns. Kundalini imprints a different vibration into your energy story to break these cycles and powerfully move forward.


April 17th - June 26th
Every other Tuesday 6:30 - 8:15pm
in Eguene, OR










▽ 6 group sessions meeting every two weeks

▽ 6 Kundalini classes, in each session there will be group discussion followed by a class

▽ One professional photo in full radiance

▽ Sound healing + reiki love infused space holder

▽ A sister tribe

▽ Accountability

▽ Between session email support

▽ Exercises, handouts + gifts!

▽ A unique Kundalini prescription including a kriya + mantra designed for your personal needs 







▽ Be supported by a fierce sister tribe of spirited women who are right there with you along this journey 

▽ Balance the habitual energy patterns keeping you stuck by clearing the subconscious mind + taming the inner mean girl

▽ Heal inner conflict around career, worth + finances to finally attract a flow of abundance 

▽ Raise vibrational frequency to amplify your manifestation power + get whatever you desire

▽ Awaken your inner healer + medicine woman because the body can heal itself, by-itself

▽ Experience an energetic transformation when you begin to repair the nervous system to manage emotional stress 

▽ Become radiant by building a stronger connection to your unique intuitive gifts + gain the confidence to show up + shine in the world 




▽ You are having trouble seeing the next step, blocked by emotional ups and downs

▽ If everything seems like a struggle and you are not manifesting the things you desire easily

▽ If you are done with being ruled by stress and are over burn-out

▽ If you find yourself easily irritated, taking out frustration on loved ones or withdrawing 

▽ If you feel called to step into something bigger than yourself but don't know where to begin


These are all signs that you are out of alignment and need healing. This is for you if you are ready to fully step into your power and show up fully. Becoming radiant means there is no more hiding, or playing small; its time to shine your light!


Your health, your energy, your vibration and your state of mind are your most important investments.


Can you feel all those things on the way to you now? See yourself overcoming all of these limits, such as I don’t have enough time or I’m not there yet. See all those limits dissolving away.





What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. It is the science, art and technology that enables us to access our own creative energy through a series of exercises, breathing and mantras. It allows us to to expand our consciousness beyond ordinary awareness, perception and powers. When you clean out the subconscious mind and learn to listen through deep meditation, you break cycles, cut through negative mind chatter. To create real change in our lives, we must work on the subconscious and that is exactly what kundalini does.


Do I need experience with Kundalini?


No. You do not need to have any experience with it to join the group program nor do you need to be in excellent shape. The beauty for Kundalini is there is a kriya for everyones ability. I will gently lead you through classes which are lovingly designed for a calming and healing experience for the nervous system. But not to say there won’t be times when you are challenged.


Why work on the nervous system?


When the nervous system is fried you experience low energy and are constantly looking outside yourself for a boost. The subconscious gets overwhelmed and it needs to release somewhere. That can result in emotional highs and lows, irritation, anger, frustration, over eating and even excessive shopping. If you are living in a constant state of stress then you are producing stress hormones and are not giving the body a chance to come back to a state of rest. Kundalini will help you balance, strengthen and bring flow back into these area to create an overall calm sense of wellbeing.


What are sister circles?

Inner radiance is designed to experience in a sister community to support each other when life is challenging. Showing up for a group program to have others hold you accountable creates growth, dedication to something bigger than yourself and enriches a deep connection to your sisters. The sisterhood is in a period of being repaired from thousands of years of oppression. To reestablish the sisterhood, we come together and sit in circle to reflect and grow. We heal when we come together; to ask questions, to get curious, reveal where we're struggling, share our secret desires and to ask for what we want. We will set intentions and hold each other accountable in our sacred space to move through emotions, shed old identities and limiting beliefs. We then take this medicine into each of our own lives to shine. 


The cost of the program?


The cost of the program is $111 a month but if you sign up with me before March 31st, the cost will be reduced to $88 a month for the three months. 


Your refund policy? 


Before a group program:

All program participants may opt out after the first call/session – no explanation needed or strings attached. Simply send an email within 24 hours of the first call/ session and request to be released from the program.


After a group program:

If client is not completely satisfied with the Program, Coach guarantees a 100% refund minus the costs of any materials that have been provided. Client must show completion of all work, attendance at all sessions, and proof of implementation of Coach’s recommendations.







“May the light within you guide your way on. Because when you look to the outside for light, there is a possibility that you may be blinded and exploited. But one thing shall never betray a woman: her own light and her own radiance as a woman. If the light within you can guide you, you will definitely excel." - Yogi Bhajan



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Each and every women holds the key to unlock the doors of her inner world. I am here to hold the space for you to awaken this radiant energy in your body.




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