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The turning point for me was when I looked around and I didn't like the life I was living. I was anxious, exhausted and miserable. I wondered, how did I get here? Tired of feeling sorry for myself I decided I had a choice; if I wanted to lead a life I loved, I had to create it!

I packed all my belongings and headed west, landing on the streets of Hollywood. Shortly after, I got a job at a 'Body, Mind & Spirit TV' company and I was exposed to yoga, meditation, organic farming and spiritual practice. The Bostonian inside was hesitant but the moment I gave into the resistance; a beautiful transformation occurred.

In 2015, I graduated from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition. Along the way I studied the microbiome, which led me to the foods that healed my mind and body. My skin cleared, my mood brightened, stubborn weight disappeared and I had energy again. My overall well-being improved through a process of rebuilding the gut flora. 'Trusting your gut' is what I live and teach by through a process of meditation and gut healing nutrition. I'm here to hold the space for you to do the same. 

When empowered we have connection with our strengths and gifts. I'm committed to my work of raising feminine energy, empowering one female at a time. I promise to continue to hold space for all the beautiful women in my life, to simply show up.

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