Overcoming Anxiousness, Breath by Breath 

Wednesdays March 6th - April 10th, 2019

6:30 - 8:30pm

Eugene/Springfield, Oregon


Most of us allow ourselves to worry incessantly.

We worry, and we worry some more.

We worry that we are not doing enough.

We worry we are not good enough.

Constant worrying impacts our businesses, our relationships, our health and our access to prosperity. 




Whatever you worry for, you attract towards you.

Doubt and worry consume your life-force energy.

They straight up block our blessings!


When we feel anxious, or in self-doubt we cannot hold the vibration of success, inner peace or happiness.

You can only create and manifest from the vibration you are at.

So when you take your vibrational pattern from lower to higher frequencies you start to attract the things you want into your life fast.


Good news is, you can always shift your vibration at any moment!

When our subconscious mind is full of worries and nervous system is friend from stress then we begin to hold the vibration of anxiousness. 


Worries stabilize in the nervous system and keep us crystalized in habitual thought patterns attracting in more stress and anxiety.


Anxiousness holds us back from many things such as expressing our gifts and for feeling in alignment with our life goals. 


We fall into patterns. Such as…

> freaking out

> forcing things to happen + desperation

> reactive towards the people around us

> reclusion

> burning out

> self-doubt + insecurity

> not setting healthy boundaries

> ... and so on.


Most people have not been taught to train the mind. When an untrained mind feels out of control, it responds with anxiousness and fearfulness.


So many of us have never trained our mind to stop its worrying cycles.

We run the same anxious energetic patterns on a loop, feeling like we don’t have a choice.


But you always have a choice. We all have the ability to shift into new vibrations almost instantly!


We do this by...

Giving the mind tools and direction to pick up higher vibrational thought waves.

And by bypassing the anxious thinking mind and uncovering our true vibrational identity; the one that makes us feel like us!


We can choose to stay exactly where we are OR we can choose to do the deeper work, witness our energetic patterns and break habitual cycles.


Breath by Breath is a 6 week group coaching journey towards overcoming anxiousness. 


We give the mind the tools and direction to create new thought pathways using Kundalini Yoga, journaling and discussion. 


In this journey we will re-pattern anxious thought patterns, clear anxious vibrations, and uplift the psyche.


Put your hand on your heart and take a full inhale and a deep exhale.


Feel the spaciousness between your breaths, the  S P A C I O U S N E S S in your body.


The sacred pause is necessary for integration, for the cells of your body to integrate this upgrade. 

Make space with each breath for the Inner voice of your soul to come through and ask yourself if this feels right to you. 


This course is currently being offered in the Eugene, Oregon in 2019. Every Wednesday evening from 6:30 - 8:30pm starting on March 6th - April 10th. 






☽ 6 group coaching sessions

☽ 6 kundalini yoga classes

☽ 6 workbooks

☽ 6 modules 

☽ 6 affirmation cards

☽ Daily 'worry' journal

☽ Session recaps

☽ In between session email + phone support

☽ 1 private coaching session

☽ Gifts + more!



















Sat nam sister! I am Callie Maggiori, Founder of Hertribe Wellness!

I am wellness coach + kundalini yoga teacher and I've been taking women just like you on a journey back into their own wisdom to awaken their radiance and overcome the pressures of today's modern world.


For years anxiety, held me back from living my life. I wan over reactive, emotionally erratic and taking it out on the people in my life. Stress blocks magic, it blocks your power and your access to your gifts.


It was only when I found Kundalini Yoga that I was able to heal my nervous system and stop stressing the eff out about every little thing. True healing happens in the spaces of calmness. 

This opens access to the life of your dreams!

























When we get anxious, we want to retreat, hide and run away!  To show up is all about showing up as we are, to do the INNER WORK, We begin by journeying into the inner workings of our 'stress personality.'








 WORRIES and fears create BLOCKS in our energy and mind. Impatience is a quick way to short circuit the system. But everything becomes CLEAR when you align with the vibration of your highest purpose.






"I felt a ripple in my soul starting a year prior to me finding Callie's group program. I felt I needed an extra push to help me shift into the next or renewed spiritual phase of my life.

The trust that Callie built in the group allowed myself to be vulnerable, open and exploratory in deepening my journey. The small touches really had a big impact on me, the gift prior to the circle gathering, the one-on-one personal time with Callie and the final gift. She is truly thoughtful and loving.  

Callie has a gift that is greatly admired in many leaders. She exudes equanimity while coaching us through challenging times and difficult subjects. She is a gifted feminine leader in this time when female empowerment is of vital need."

-Cassie Z




Breathing helps us clear the mental and emotional clutter and bring us into balance; into a space of neutrality. In this neutral space we begin to clear the fog and regain the MENTAL CLARITY needed for the deep process of healing.






The force of the soul has a magnetic power. And that’s how we draw things to us. When we expand and project, the right things will magnetizes things to us quickly. When we stop letting stress drain our energy, we can become our own source of great MAGNETIC POWER.









"Callie is a strong, radiant woman that is sincerely committed to supporting and empowering other women, no matter what level of practice or stage of life.

Breath by Breath was a dynamic process that cuts through the superficial, to get to the true, deep work with grace and fun.

I gained true friends and support with continuing to practice and embody the path of Authentic Empowerment."

-Amber A




We can get caught up in looking for answers outside of ourselves only to feel more anxious. When we trust the voice of our intuition, our INNER KNOWING we can begin to re-pattern the subconscious beliefs that cause us to worry and doubt ourselves.







Once we have cleared the mental and emotional blocks and toxins we can amplify our radiance beyond neurosis or insecurity. We can experience our own iINNER ROYALTY, sit in the seat of our throne and radiate pure GRACE. 








"I joined Callie's group coaching program because I loved the idea of grouping Kundalini and women’s circles. 

During the first class and the weeks following I was in the process of doing the inner work and the group support  mixed with the breathing and the mantras was the extra push I needed. Callie is amazing, warming, motivating and great to be around.

My biggest breakthrough was overcoming my self doubt and negative self-talk."

I'm so glad she designed this group program!

-Courtney L







Kundalini Yoga can help you move your mind from the chaos happening to see the bigger picture going on. Instead of staying profoundly and continually shocked, you can start to focus on solutions. This practice helps you to not get lost in the internal and external confusion. It will clear the window of your mind and soul. Through Kundalini we can re-pattern those stress patterns.




Everyone has an aura, a field of energy around them.


However, when it has blockages and...we are more prone to fear, worry, anxiety, sickness.


In its fully expanded state, the aura projects a radiant glow around us, extending far in every direction.


When we infuse Kundalini into our life and strengthen our auric field, we heal anxiety at a deep level!


In Kundalini, a kriya is a sequence of poses, breath work, and mantra that can be prescribed to reach different levels of consciousness. Each kriya represents a different pattern that we can practice to imprint into our energetic body. 


Having a dedicated kundalini practice allows you to emotionally digest, re-align with your purpose, and vibrate at new frequencies.




Do I need experience with Kundalini?


No. You do not need to have any experience with it to join the group program nor do you need to be in excellent shape. The beauty for Kundalini is there is a kriya for everyones ability. I will gently lead you through classes which are lovingly designed for a calming and healing experience for the nervous system. But not to say there won’t be times when you are challenged.


What is group coaching?

The group coaching designed to experience in a sister community to support each other when life is challenging. Showing up for a group program to have others hold you accountable creates growth, dedication to something bigger than yourself and enriches a deep connection to your sister tribe. We heal when we come together; to ask questions, to get curious and open up.


Every other week we will meet in at my home in a sacred and intimate space, and each women will have the opportunity to be coached. The weeks where there is no in person group session, you will be sent a workbook, affirmation card, Kundalini meditation and modules.


This is a space where you can get those worries out of your head. Each week we will break through another block and peel back another layer toward overcoming anxiety.


The cost of the program?


The cost of the program is $599 but if you sign up with me before February 15th, the cost will be reduced to $444. 


Your refund policy? 


Before a group program:

All program participants may opt out after the first call/session – no explanation needed or strings attached. Simply send an email within 24 hours of the first call/ session and request to be released from the program.


After a group program:

If client is not completely satisfied with the Program, Coach guarantees a 100% refund minus the costs of any materials that have been provided. Client must show completion of all work, attendance at all sessions, and proof of implementation of Coach’s recommendations.




** Please note that I am not a medical doctor and for serious mental health issues please talk to your mental health professional. These tools provided in this program are for spiritual and emotional growth and are guidelines. **




Please fill out this registration form and I will get back to you with a time to set up a time to connect. 



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"Breath by Breath offers each and every one of you ladies a chance to strengthen that power from within and encourages you to let it shine.  Take that first step and say yes!" - Cassie Z






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