This is a great opportunity for someone who is new or curious about Kundalini Yoga and how it can powerfully transform your entire being. 


> Prior to the session, I will send you a workbook so we can get into what your energetic blocks are. 


> In our session, we'll spend 30 minutes discussing how we can dissolve your blocks to bring you into alignment with your highest vibration and your deepest desires. We'll end the session with an 11 minute Kundalini meditation specially picked for your energetic needs!


Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. It is the science, art and technology that enables us to access our own creative energy and expand our consciousness beyond ordinary awareness, perception and powers.


In Kundalini, a Kriya is a sequence of poses, breath work, and mantra that can be prescribed to reach different levels of consciousness. Each kriya represents a different pattern that we can practice to imprint into our energetic body. 


 This practice helps you clear the window of your mind and soul.




We are all living, flowing, vibrating forces of energy. Everyone has an aura, a field of energy around them. When it has blockages we are more prone to fear, worry, anxiety, sickness.


In its fully expanded state, the aura projects a radiant glow around us, extending far in every direction.


When we infuse Kundalini into our life and strengthen our auric field, we heal at a deep level!


Having a dedicated kundalini practice allows you to emotionally digest, re-align with your purpose, and vibrate at new frequencies.
























"From the moment I met Callie I felt a connection with her. It is not difficult as she has this very special presence that surrounds her. She is a natural born healer and her energy and healing work takes me into a safe space where I feel held to go very deep inside of myself. Callie is a gifted energy worker and she also carries tremendous wisdom, clarity and vision within her. It´s a potent combination, a beautiful loving light mixed with pure raw power."

-Ciara Kirby, Therapist

"Energy healing is a fascinating form of medicine because it requires an emotional sensitivity that has to be joined with a guardianship of self. There has to be an attunement and yet an insight and understanding that leads touch to respond to imbalance. I found Callie has an enormous talent in that sensitivity and is a very intuitive healer. After a session with Callie I felt much more balanced, centered and aligned. I feel tremendously blessed to experience Callie's work and I highly recommend her work." 

-Melany Thum




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