HerSpirit Program

 HerSpirit Program

Most people don’t know how well the body is designed to feel. As women we tend to put our needs last in order to get it all done in a day. It works for awhile until the day we find ourselves overwhelmed, burned out, tired, anxious, stressed and stuck in unhealthy patterns. We disconnect from our power.

We can feel hungry and crave toxic foods when we aren’t prioritizing our emotional needs. A green juice doesn’t heal the deep yearning for spiritual nourishment. Let’s look deeper. Our bodies want to move back to the state of love and healing and HerSpirit Program guides you into your inner wisdom to ask these questions:

What is my soul truly craving?
What will nourish my souls desires?
Do I really crave sugar or a sweeter life?

Ready to begin the healing process?
Ready to take the next step in your wellness journey?
Ready to feed your soul what it is truly hungry for?  

Throughout a 4 month transformative coaching experience, we’ll explore how to make your life delicious again and how to manifest your goals into reality. From this place of inner knowing we can do anything and create any change we want to make in our life.

By using physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing techniques, together we focus on nourishing the nervous system and entire body to reclaim that place of centered power to make big things happen! 

Callie offers a wide variety of services to help you achieve mental, physical and spiritual balance in your life.

HerSpirit 4 Month Program Includes:
$444 total

  • Two meetings per month either in person, telephone or video chat
  • Unlimited email support
  • Handouts, newsletters and invitations to upcoming workshops 
  • Guided Meditations
  • Private FB Group

    The basic plan includes:

  • Goal setting
  • Health and nutrition / lifestyle wellness counseling 
  • 2 energy healing sessions 
  • 1 chakra balancing session with crystals
  • Introduction to medicinal foods like high vibrational, raw and living foods
  • Food-mood support
  • Emotional eating support 
  • Guided stress management techniques using breathwork
  • Guided self-care practices
  • Nervous system cleanse with Kundalini meditations


  • Personalized crystal and ritual gift kit
  • Herbs for a calm mind and spiritual connection

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"Throughout the process of working with Callie, I radically shifted my interactions in my relationships, from a place of fear and lack of voice to clearly communicating my needs. 
My whole self worth and sense of self has been drastically improved with her belief in me, which helped me to feel worthy, and help in reconnecting with spirit has brought my hope in life up from the depths of postpartum depression to a place I feel I can actually breathe and move forward. I feel it is my sense of self that has shifted the most through our sessions. I do feel so much more like my strong self, inspired again to do good in the world."

-Claire Berhow Dawn 

"Callie consistently held me accountable for my behaviors guiding me into my own wisdom and helping me set clear boundaries around many areas of my life. She helped me focus on clearing away and letting go of things that don’t serve me to reclaim my power. I learned to stop, rest, eat well and allow my body to heal. I also learned to slow down and say no to situations that were not of my highest good, especially burn out. I now focus on the positive shifts in my life and with a new found realization and ownership of my gifts, I plan on taking my work global. I’m excited to expand my work all over the world with this feeling of I can do it and I will do it thanks to working with Callie." 

-Naomi Judge 

"Callie is the essential piece that I had been missing in my previous attempts at committing to a lifestyle change! She offered a sacred space of connection which enabled me to discover & work through my roadblocks from a perspective of love & acceptance. Callie’s support & wisdom has inspired me to reconnect with my true feminine power that, as a busy mom of 3 boys, is desperately vital."

-Erica Martinez

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