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Working with Callie has helped me so much, both physically and mentally.

She is patient, kind, smart, and it's easy to see her passion for what she does. In every meeting I've had with her, her sincerity shone through, and she made it clear that she really cared about my well-being. She never scolded me or made me feel guilty, but rather lifted me up and encouraged me. Her positivity is contagious. She provided me with suggestions for lifestyle changes that were easy for me to implement into my daily life, so I never felt discouraged or overwhelmed. She also provided me with some delicious, healthy, and easy-to-make recipes that are some of my favorite go-to meals now, and her simple de-stressing techniques made a world of difference.

-Danielle Joyce

In reflecting back on how far I have come, it brings tears to my eyes as I am immensely grateful to Callie.

When I met Callie I had been dealing with emotional stress for about 10 years. Six months prior to working with her my family had experienced a trauma. I lost 20 pounds and was doing well on the outside but on the inside, I was an emotional wreck. Also throughout the last 10 years, I had been experiencing problems with my intestines and bowels and was recommended Callie as a gut health coach. With the different techniques she taught me, I was able to greatly improve my health. I started to put healthy weight back on and have regular bowel movements, which is something I can’t even remember having since I was a little girl. I also give great credit to the mental health coaching she provided as well as the gut health coaching. The mental coaching was very centering and empowering. At first it was challenging but over the space of several months I started to realize how valuable this accountability was. I have now taken these practices into my workplace. If you get the opportunity to ever work with Callie you’ll be thankful that you did. 

-Amanda Heapes, Founder and Director of Women's Circles

From the moment I met Callie I felt a connection with her. It is not difficult as she has this very special presence that surrounds her.

She is a natural born healer and her energy and healing work takes me into a safe space where I feel held to go very deep inside of myself. Callie is a gifted energy worker and she also carries tremendous wisdom, clarity and vision within her. It´s a potent combination, a beautiful loving light mixed with pure raw power. If you have the opportunity to work with Callie I highly recommend her work. She is a real treasure that will really help you to reconnect with yourself. 

-Ciara Kirby, Therapist

Callie's words and her work made a huge impact on me.

I was struggling to feel the confidence in me to move forward and deliver my best music. Callie helped me find the true source of why I felt weak and where I was vulnerable. My root chakra needed some healing and love for alignment. She initiated the healing of this and I successfully went through that show feeling confident and worthy. I was having self worth/value issues. The best thing about this process was Callie's relaxed but accurate, powerful and intuitive approach which yielded results instantly for me. Her method motivated me to find the right solution rather than feel fear and confusion. She is a perfect mix of spiritual entrepreneur, mystic, genuine healer and a powerful source who truly believes and shows a way out of difficult life situations.

She is very insightful and always goes beyond to get to the source of the issue. Her patience, devotion and diligence to her work never fails to resonate with me. It's her values that I admire the most. These are very important because you're trusting her with your existential/life/spiritual inconsistencies which are sometimes hard to admit and accept. Callie wonderfully and effortlessly takes you through the journey of healing.

-Shridevi Keshavan, Artist & Musician

I found Callie has an enormous talent in that sensitivity and is a very intuitive healer.

Energy healing is a fascinating form of medicine because it requires an emotional sensitivity that has to be joined with a guardianship of self. There has to be an attunement and yet an insight and understanding that leads touch to respond to imbalance. After a session with Callie I felt much more balanced, centered and aligned. I feel tremendously blessed to experience Callie's work and I highly recommend her work. 

-Melany Thum

Callie is the essential piece that I had been missing in my previous attempts at committing to a lifestyle change!

She offered a sacred space of connection which enabled me to discover & work through my roadblocks from a perspective of love & acceptance. Callie’s support & wisdom has inspired me to reconnect with my true feminine power that, as a busy mom of 3 boys, is desperately vital. I am honored to have been coached by Callie & I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to create a lifestyle change but has been unable to commit to doing so in the past.

-Erica Martinez, Health Coach

Working with Callie has helped me improve my focus, clarity and my ability to direct my energy towards achieving my goals.

I was able to connect with the bigger picture by focusing my energy towards positive actions. Callie consistently held me accountable for my behaviors guiding me into my own wisdom and helping me set clear boundaries around many areas of my life. She helped me focus on clearing away and letting go of things that don’t serve me to reclaim my power. I learned to stop, rest, eat well and allow my body to heal. I also learned to slow down and say no to situations that were not of my highest good, especially burn out. I now focus on the positive shifts in my life and with a new found realization and ownership of my gifts, I plan on taking my work global. I’m excited to expand my work all over the world with this feeling of I can do it and I will do it thanks to working with Callie. 

-Naomi Judge, Energy Practitioner 

Working with Callie has helped me significantly shift my lifestyle and I'm doing so much better than when I first came to her.

Callie is a beautiful person on the inside and out. She makes me feel wonderful, uplifted and inspired! She empowered me and guided me through the tools that helped me reconnect with beautiful, healthy foods and cooking. Within a matter of weeks, my kitchen looked completely different. Throughout the process I noticed my moods shift, I had more energy and I became more aware of my body. My stomach feels so much better and no more bloating! She also taught me how to breathe, relax and de-stress which continues to help me daily. She is a lovely person and I love working with her and I know you will too!

-Hannah Spearing

Throughout the process of working with Callie, I radically shifted my interactions in my relationships, from a place of fear and lack of voice to clearly communicating my needs.

I no longer feel like a victim of circumstance and someone else's moods, but an empowered mother capable of guiding growth in my partner.

I also took real steps in growing my business. Before, I felt crippled by fear of lack and no self love, but through having accountability to take actual steps in building my business I now have a certification, a class written, a business card in the works, and the attitude that I can actually succeed! My whole self worth and sense of self has been drastically improved with her belief in me, which helped me to feel worthy, and help in reconnecting with spirit has brought my hope in life up from the depths of postpartum depression to a place I feel I can actually breathe and move forward. I feel it is my sense of self that has shifted the most through our sessions. I do feel so much more like my strong self, inspired again to do good in the world.

-Claire Dawn Berhow, Mother & Herbalist

Something I get asked all the time is if I work with men?

And the answer is yes.
Hertribe is a community for women but we do welcome men who are ready to explore deeper parts of themselves!

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All I can say is wow. In just a few sessions, I was trying new things in my life. What a great feeling to have someone to guide me to a greater way to be.

I was introduced to Callie, and after a year of procrastinating decided to give this Health Coaching thing a try. I was finally able to let go of some emotional blocks and accomplish purging things that were just clutter in my life ... for years. I was able to get vulnerable and ask people for help. I know now that I have the right to be heard and I’m speaking up more.

The most significant change has been my attitude towards food. I now choose to eat healthier, and it’s not that I’m forcing a change, but my appetite has changed. I now think about my food and drink choices.

Moving forward, I will be leading workshops and retreats for the healing modalities. I will take what used to be my dreams and make them real. My first one is on the books and people have signed up already. Had I not received the support and encouragement from Callie, that dream may not have materialized.

Callie is kind, understanding, caring, gentle, intuitive. I was always able to speak freely with no judgement. It was so refreshing and my sessions just flew by.

I had never thought of having a health coach before. I knew they existed, but hey, why would I need one? I can assure you that, no matter where you are on the Life Learning Curve, you will gain insights that you are presently unaware of.

It’s true that, “you don’t know, what you don’t know.“ A few sessions with a health coach might reveal an exciting piece of life that you were missing. I would recommend that you chat with Callie about this and see if you’d like to try it for yourself. I’m sure glad I did.

John July, Reiki Master 

After years of suffering, finally, my on-going stomach problems came to an end. With Callie’s help, I learned how to feed my gut the right foods and heal myself. 

Working with Callie was awesome. I felt very comfortable in a safe space of trust, where I could openly speak my feelings, which is something I've never had before. Within our sessions I got to know myself a little bit more just by opening up. Callie got me out of my comfort zone by expanding my awareness around new things such as meditation and energy work, which was a really big step for me.

Today I am more calm, patient and have a deeper understanding of my emotions. If a stressful situation comes up, I now have the tools and the insight to work through it. I now am going to take action in my life and stop procrastinating. I understand that it is my responsibility to work on myself to get the things I desire, such as a quality relationship. I thank Callie for helping my open up my heart to new possibilities of life. 

Jorge McLaughlin, Pilot & Entrepreneur 

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