With all that is going on in our lives, calmness is healing. It’s grounding. It's a superpower. 

To clear your mind and open your heart is to come home to yourself.
With a calm mind we can handle any of life's daily challenges. It’s the best medicine for stress.

Are you looking for a healthy way to process your stress or anxiety?
Are you curious how yoga, meditation and breathing can improve your wellbeing?
Or do you simply need to slow down and enjoy a deeply relaxing afternoon?

'Calm @ Istmo' is a beginners journey into yogic breathing practices, qoya movement and meditation techniques all designed to bring us back to a state of inner calmness and knowing. This place of feeling centered and grounded balances our emotional health.  Ask yourself; Do I need some time to connect to myself and access inner peace?

Join us on August 12th, to learn healthy ways to unwind and experience a chilled-out afternoon with us at Istmo.

$25 pre-registration
$30 day of workshop

Included in this yoga workshop:

▽ You will learn 2 kundalini breathwork kriyas for transforming anxiety immediately

▽ How to nourish your nervous system

▽ Calming exercises and techniques

▽ Gentle restorative yoga, designed to help you relax 

▽ How to feel good in your body using a combination of yoga and Qoya

▽ How to clear anxious energy from your body and experience a personal energy clearing

▽ Beneficial practices for managing stress and the tools to stay calm in any situation


Stay Calm, Stay the Night at Istmo:

You don't have to go home after the workshop, you can have your own little mini retreat in your own cozy bungalow surrounded by nature. Stay calm and relaxed at Istmo Yoga Adventure & Retreat.

You can also join us for dinner. Istmo's menu has been lovingly crafted by owner and Chef Sean Davis, a graduate of a prominent cooking school in New Orleans, Louisiana. They offer a tropical fusion cuisine created from what they grown organically, and source locally. 

If you would like to join us for dinner or stay overnight in one of these beautiful cabanas please reach out directly to info@Istmoretreat.com.


Sara Duigou, Founder of Awakened Sisters

Sara is a yoga and pilates instructor with a passion to connect people with heartfelt movement that nourishes the soul and connects you to source. She believes that our innate nature is wise, wild and free and through movement we remember our essence leading us to a more fulfilled and heart – led life.

Callie Maggiori, Founder of Hertribe Wellness

As a wellness & meditation coach, Callie focuses on healing the microbiome and restoring emotional homeostasis with a combination of live foods, energy work, meditation and breathing techniques to guide women back into their own wisdom. 


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