Hertribe Retreats


Each Hertribe retreat is uniquely crafted for women to experience a safe place to feel, heal and get real. There is a deep rooted need for women to come together right now in tribe. 

Hertribe retreats are tailored for the experience of simply being in a beautiful natural setting, eating beautiful food, with beautiful soul sisters. This environment creates the space for transformation and healing to occur.

A certain magic happens when we gather, breathe, move and share an open-hearted space in tribe. 

We can go back to our lives with a stronger sense of who we are, what our are unique gifts are and with a feeling of support. With inspiration of sister support we can make big things happen in our own lives.





If you would like more info please email hertribewellness@gmail.com


Thanks to the support of Callie and the other women who participated in this retreat, I am able to more fully step into my power!

Callie’s wonderful retreat created a safe space for me to be vulnerable and feel heard. I was able to make a major breakthrough in a personal blockage that I’ve known about for years but had no idea how to move past.

Callie’s passion for powerful sisterhood connection is profoundly beautiful. Her retreat helped us move out of the unconscious cattiness of women rivalry into a pure loving place of woman-to-woman appreciation. This not only empowered me, it allowed me to learn that accepting help and advice from my fellow strong sisters is much needed for my personal growth. Having the support to let go of the ego and say, “I don’t know” and “I’m only an imperfect human.” Wow, such a relief that is full of love and acceptance. Amazing shifts on this retreat!!!  

-Amy Maloon, Yoga Instructor & healer

Going on a Hertribe retreat was fantastic!!

It was the collaboration of great energies coming together in amazing harmony. I learned so much and was able to see my gifts more so much than before. It was an absolutely transformative and inspiring experience!

-Naomi Judge, Energy Practioner

I loved, loved, loved every second of the retreat!

I had never been on any kind of retreat and I enjoyed all of it!

Since coming home, I have been working hard to stay connected and in the flow. What I took away was I needed to either meditate, do yoga or some kind of mindful exercise every day... no excuses!

When I think about our time together I cannot stop smiling... and my heart expands with love!

-Lorna Culnane, Hynotherapist 

The retreat offered me way more than I was expecting! It was heavenly.

Everything was wonderful; the meditations, the workshops, the meals, the juices, the house, the nature and especially the people. 

I returned back home renewed, full of love, kindness and light.

-Marcela Alvarez

Everything was crafted with amazing attention to detail.

Hosting a retreat space with Callie was a truly wonderful experience. 

Callie seamlessly worked her magic of holding space and creating heartfelt content for our guests, overseeing the nourishing raw food and offering her gifts of deep meditation, chakra activation and Reiki; Callie is a true medicine woman. 

-Sara Duigou, Yoga Instructor & Founder of Awakened Sisters

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