Workshops & Circles 

Hertribe events include teachings about nutritional, spiritual and feminine healing. 

I take a holistic approach to wellness education integrating the nourishment of mind, body and spirit. Even preparing our food every day is a sacred ritual and I believe in using food as medicine.

Most of my nutritional workshops focus on digestive healing because our gut is know as our 'second brain.'  

It needs special nourishment and I teach the techniques that return us to our internal wisdom and help us trust our gut instincts. Since the health of our mind depends so much on the health of our gut, I show people the tools to clean up our eating in order to clean up our thinking. 

Additionally, sometimes yoga, gratitude, meditation or movement is our medicine. Sometimes we need to gather in circles under the moon in tribe and speak our truth in order to heal.

Hertribe provides these opportunities and spaces to collectively raise our vibration. Stay connected for more information on events about digestive health, moon circles, sister rituals and radical self-care. 





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