Where will we stay?

For 2 nights we'll stay in a beautiful Eco House in the middle of El Cope National Park located about 3 hours from Panama City. Here we will cleanse, nourish, rest and heal. Realign your vibrations with raw food, yoga and energy work. Leave the jungle feeling refreshed relaxed and vibrant.

Cost of entire retreat is $264.

What's Included?

♥ Yoga classes with Sara

♥ Intro to Qoya. Qoya is designed to feel how the body and movement are a portal to remembering, to feel our perspective shifts from going through the motions to savoring life as sacred

♥ Open Heart Meditations 

♥ Jungle Hikes & Medicine Walk. A Medicine Walk is a facilitated walk in nature that allows you to tune in, shift consciousness, and receive the medicine that your soul needs

♥ Smudging Ceremony using sage to purify the body, aura and energy

♥ Private Reiki session with Callie using crystals and essential oils

♥ Private health coaching session prior or after retreat via Skype

♥ Accommodations in a super cozy bed in a shared room

♥ All raw meals and juices provided

♥ Star gazing, howling at the moon, nature walks and soul satisfying conversations

With who? 

Meet Sara Duigou.


Sara is a yoga and pilates instructor with a passion to connect people with heartfelt movement that nourishes the soul and connects you to source. She believes that our innate nature is wise, wild and free and through movement we remember our essence leading us to a more fulfilled and heart – led life.

Meet Callie Maggiori.

Callie Maggiori

As a holistic health & lifestyle coach, Callie focuses on healing the microbiome and restoring emotional homeostasis by using an individualized gut rebuilding program. Additionally she incorporates a combination of energy work, reiki, meditation, herbs and essential oils to guide people into their own wisdom. She is on a quest for the most pure, nutrient dense remedies on the planet and currently lives in Panama City pursuing her passion as a wellness entrepreneur and lover of sustainable eco-communities. 


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