Spring Cleaning Winters Stagnant Energy

Our Mother, Gaia, has come into her most creative and dreamy period of the year, Spring. She reveals visions she’s incubated all winter and excites us with her new potential. As the heavy energy of the winter shifts away and the soft breeze flows through our hair; a fresh energy is upon us. Read More

Cheese, Please! Is Cheese Good for the Gut?

One thing I get asked about is if it’s ok to eat cheese? Or if cheese is gut friendly? Many people struggle with dairy intolerance and have to avoid cheese. For most of us, it's a sad thought to never have cheese again. Read More

How to Nourish the Oral Microbiome. My Radical Oral Care Approach.

I was shocked when I went to the dentist two years ago they told me I had oral gum disease. The verdict was a few sessions of very painful scraping and I was left wondering is this our only option? In a country with the best dental care, why is gum disease is on the rise? This began my personal mission to find a better way than the 'drill em, fill em' and bill em' method. Read More

How a Healthy Gut Can Stop Premature Aging.

Have you heard of the gut and skin microbiome? If not, you may want to get familiar with yours if your skin is dull, dry, discolored, irritated and producing more lines than usual. Let’s explore why this happens and how to nourish our microbiome for optimal skin health. Read More