Summertime Probiotic Belly Tonics

Are you looking forward to getting into your swimsuit and heading to the beach this summer, or are you anxious because your body has taken on a little extra weight over winter and you’ve had trouble shedding it since? Read More

How Nourishing My Hormones Connected Me to My Shakti

Shakti is the feminine divine and the creative energy of the universe. When connected with our Shakti we align with our strengths, our gifts and our vibrant health. When disconnected we can become anxious and irritable; we can react or shrink when feeling stuck emotionally in our careers and spiritually. I felt disconnected from my Shakti center for years not understanding why emotionally, I was all over the place. I was attending every workshop and healing seminar I could, meditating every day while studying nutrition. I wondered why I was still so anxious all the time, analyzing every little detail of my life? Read More

5 Simple Tips for Busy People Who Eat Alone

As our lives get busier, our time for nourishing meals with others gets smaller. Do you ever skip lunch for a work call or try to push out another email out before making time to eat? Later you’re starving and grab something on the go, inhaling it in transit, not even conscious of the fact you just ate. When our days become jam packed and we try to squeeze it all in, we make less time to eat with others because our schedules just don’t line up. Read More

Dear Inner Mean Girl.

Recently I read somewhere, say nice things to yourself because you are the only one listening. If you’re anything like me then you’re hard on yourself, sometimes really hard. As I red that, I felt a sense of relief reminding myself that I’m not the only one battling negative-self talk throughout the day. That little voice is what Christine Arylo and Amy Ahlers call our “inner mean girl.” Read More