Still Sneaking a Cig with Your Green Juice?

There are wellness articles published daily suggesting this; new superfood, new yoga pose, new sex position and new way to quit your job and travel the world! It is inspiring, but a little hard to keep up with for some just beginning a personal wellness journey. Personally, it’s taken me a long time to incorporate wellness into my daily lifestyle and even longer to become a health coach. The truth is it takes dedication and practice; it requires you to keep moving forward even when you’ve fallen off track. Read More

The Energetics of Eating

Do you ever consider the energy of your food? What about the energy of the people who've prepared your food? If you've ever worked in a restaurant you know that the kitchen can get heated in more ways than one. We have little knowledge if our food was prepared in a rush or during an argument. Since everything is energy, these vibes can get transferred to your food. Read More

How to Meditate Everyday Even When You Just Don’t Feel It

Even as a lover of meditation, there are some days when I just do not want to get on that pillow. Knowing how delicious I felt afterwards, there were many days I chose not to meditate because I simply didn't feel like it. I noticed myself reacting to triggers, easily aggravated or corned by stressful thoughts with growing awareness that I wasn't meditating on those days. I promised myself no more living with one foot in self-growth and the other in self-sabotage. I was going to make a commitment to my highest-self to meditate everyday. Read More