Why I Do a Digital Cleanse Weekly

It’s rare these days to be without our phones and most of us are constantly checking them. Some days I find myself looking at screens for twelve hours, and wonder where did my day go? Electronics make it easier to connect to the world, but what are the effects of always being on? Read More

Straws, Gum & Bloating.

It’s the small things that we often overlook such as the straw in our morning green juice or an offer of spearmint gum after lunch. I mean really, how much can that matter…? Apparently, it matters to our gut. Read More

Do You Have a Stressed Gut?

During our trip we embraced the traditional clam chowder, fried seafood, lobster rolls and lots of butter. Within a matter of days I felt the gut garden that I've spent years cultivating turn into an unfriendly and upset environment. With the combination of anxiety and processed foods; I found myself with a stressed gut. Read More