5 Ways To Go With Your Gut This Holiday Season

Holidays can be tough on the gut. The booze, the travel, the sugar and the emotions.

We want be everywhere and eat everything, but if we neglect to ground ourselves with the right self-care, we could easily wind up with a wobbly tummy.

The pressure to consume a lot of heavy foods with sugar, butter and processed additives can be a blow to the gut. To avoid an upset stomach, fill your cup with holiday nourishment. Here's five things you can put into practice to help you. 

1. Ask Questions. We all want to eat Auntie's cooking, but do we know how much butter, dairy or gluten is included? If you have any food sensitivities or triggers, just politely ask what's in the dish. Be informed before digging in. 

2. Eat Slow. We are tempted to binge on everything made delicious and can easily rush through our meals wondering, where did all my food go? Try to pace yourself and choose to savor each bite allowing your gut to catch up with your fork. 

3. Follow Your Gut Instincts. Trust your gut and you'll be guided to the foods that nourish you. Check in and ask yourself what will nourish me the most? You can leave about 20% of room in your stomach to come back later for seconds or dessert. Digest the first round before you line up for seconds immediately. 

4. Schedule in a Meditation. Even meditating for five minutes a day will help you slow down to make good food choices and also, when those certain family members ask too many personal questions. Remember, our gut can't digest food properly when we're stressed, so find your breathe and practice deep belly breathing. 

5. Prep a Gut-friendly Breakfast Smoothie. We often wait around all afternoon for the big meal. By preparing a gut friendly smoothie in the morning, you will nourish your gut flora, curb sugar cravings and stabilize blood sugar so, by the time the meal is ready you won't be ravenous.
Try this seasonal gut friendly smoothie:

1 apple
1 cup of kefir
1/2 cup ice or water
1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon
2 tablespoons organic maple syrup

Blend together and serve. 

And of course any food made with love will nourish you on another level, so do enjoy yourself this holiday season! 

Did you find any of these tips helpful? If so, would love to hear from you in the comments. 
If you need help getting you gut health back on track, I invite you to a free gut health coaching session