My On-Again Off-Again Relationship With Coffee

I love coffee, but over the last year I've had to adjust my relationship with it. I used to indulge in 3 cups a day, but today that is not an option.

My routine was two cups before 9am, ride the buzz all morning and come crashing into 11am. I would throw back one more espresso but by 2pm, I was anxiously wired. It seemed that little things were stressful and irritating as I noticed myself reacting anxiously to the daily to dos. This is because caffeine puts us in fight or flight mode. Coffee stimulates our pituitary gland and alerts our adrenals to produce adrenaline and cortisol. 

Coffee dependency can strain our adrenals and our entire nervous system, putting us into high stress mode. The body reacts like there's an emergency, but what's the emergency when we're sitting at the computer? This can result in frantic emailing and texting, which is what I was experiencing. My body couldn't handle the excessive caffeine, so I made adjustments introducing a mindful coffee relationship. It affects everyone differently so, I suggest finding your own groove. 

Here are some quick tips that work for me, if you're trying to adjust your relationship with coffee.

1. No More Than 1 Cup. Have your daily cup of coffee with your biggest meal, this will help you digest and won't spike your adrenals. Don't have coffee on an empty stomach.

2. Find Your Favorite Caffeinated Tea. Try sipping on green, black or matcha tea instead. They're easier on the adrenals. 

3. Sip Mindfully. When you do decide to have coffee choose a quality one. Sip slow and enjoy it. That is more empowering than feeling as though you need it.

4. Drink More Water & Green Juices. Green juices provide the blood with oxygen, so it will give you more sustainable energy. Water will help soften the cravings for a second cup of coffee. 

Are you trying to kick a coffee addiction? Would love to hear your tips in the comments.