10 Abundance Mantras

We all have a relationship with money and whether it’s a good one or bad one, it’s always in our control to shift it.

Everything in the universe is abundant and we have access to this abundance at all times. But, we often have limiting beliefs around money that sabotages our ability to bring it in or save more of it. Once we uncover our limiting beliefs and fears around money, we can begin to shift them by building a positive relationship.

Here are some mantras to help you start to build your abundance mindset.

1. Money comes to me with ease

2. I accept money into my life with gratitude

3. Abundance is my birthright

4. I attract abundance into my life effortlessly

5. I am making more money every day

6. I am a money magnet

7. I am surrounded by opportunities to make money

8. I am open to receiving more abundance in my life

9. I am aligned with the vibration of abundance

10. I move from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking

Remember money is energy and what you focus your energy on grows. Scarcity mindset blocks our blessings. So bless the money that goes out, be open to receiving and tune into the flow of abundance.