Finding a Quality Probiotic Supplement

Everywhere we turn we are hearing the word probiotics. What are probiotics and why do we need them? 

Probiotics have gained major attention in the health and wellness community. Each year more information is found about gut health we begin to realize just how important our the health of our gut is. Gut health affects the entire body because 80% of our immune system is located in the GI tract.

Our gut bacteria are an essential part of our body’s ability to fight infections, digest food, and boost your immunity. Too much sugar, caffeine, petrochemicals, antibiotics, stress, alcohol and a diet high in processed food can affect our gut bacteria. With any sort of bacterial imbalance, your body may experience symptoms of arthritis, IBS, autoimmune disease, depression and can even lead to cancer.

You can usually get a sufficient dose of probiotics from fermented foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, miso and even kombucha. But in the case that you just finished a dose of antibiotics, are recovering from an illness or just want to regulate your GI tract -- you might need a higher potency probiotic supplement that has a variety of live, active cultures to get you back on track.

Giving our bodies the healthy probiotics it needs to balance our digestive tract and to support normal functions can be facilitated with a probiotic supplement. 
Probiotics promote the growth of healthy bacteria or flora throughout our intestines. There are hundreds of trillions of bacteria in our gut - so finding a probiotic supplement to manage the complex human microbiome can be a major challenge. You want to find a quality supplement because if they don’t have enough CFUs (Colony Forming Units), they will get burned up in our stomach acid.  

A probiotic supplement is beneficial but you want to make sure you are doing the research first.
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