Surrendering the Self-Abuse

Looking back at my life 10 years ago... I was consumed by suffering I simply did not know how to handle. I self-medicated. I consumed harmful foods. I abused my body with cigarettes, prescription medication and alcohol. I stayed in toxic relationships because I did not know how to truly love myself. I was reckless with myself and others. Read More

5 Easy Ways To Get Your Daily Dose of Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is beloved in the fermented food world. Dating back a couple thousand years ago, today, kraut is regaining popularity as we get to know more about the benefits of fermentation. When cabbage is fermented into kraut; the mineral, nutrient and beneficial bacteria content is boosted. When we consume kraut it lines our intestines with good bacteria and promotes the growth of healthy flora throughout our intestines. Read More

IBS Healing Journey - Juicing Cabbage

Did you know that IBS affects twice as many women than men? IBS can be awful to live with, so one of the first steps is to uncover food sensitivities and to reduce stress. Once these irritants have been removed or reduced from your diet and lifestyle, you may want to consider cleansing your gut with cabbage juice. Yes, cabbage juice will start the healing process. Read More

10 Abundance Mantras

Everything in the universe is abundant and we have access to this abundance at all times. But, we often have limiting beliefs around money that sabotages our ability to bring it in or save more of it. Once we uncover our limiting beliefs and fears around money, we can begin to shift them by building a positive relationship. Read More

Are You Willing to Invest in Yourself in 2017?

Have you been putting off a class, a certification, or training convincing yourself you'll sign up next time? If you asked me a few years ago, I would say why do I need self-growth when there's therapy? My wardrobe was killer but my life was chaos. After years of ups and downs and on the verge of quitting another job, an online training program landed in my lap. Read More

My On-Again Off-Again Relationship With Coffee

My routine was two cups before 9am, ride the buzz all morning and come crashing into 11am. I would throw back one more espresso but by 3pm, I was tired and anxiously wired. It seemed that little things were stressful and irritating as I noticed myself reacting anxiously to the daily to dos. This is because caffeine puts us in fight or flight mode. Coffee stimulates our pituitary gland and alerts our adrenals to produce adrenaline and cortisol. Read More

5 Ways To Go With Your Gut This Holiday Season

Holidays can be tough on the gut. The booze, the travel, the sugar and the emotions. We want to get it all done, be everywhere and eat everything. But if we neglect to ground ourselves with the right self-care, we could easily wind up with a wobbly tummy. The pressure to consume a lot of heavy foods with sugar, butter and processed additives can be a blow to the gut. To avoid an upset stomach, fill your cup with holiday nourishment. Here's five things you can put into practice to help you. Read More

How to Set Boundaries With Confidence

When we let others step over our boundaries, we are sending them the message that this is ok. Ask yourself; do you continue to stay in unloving relationships, friendships or jobs? If the answer is yes, then you may need reevaluate your boundaries. Read More

The Power of Creating Self-Love Rituals

I'm still buzzing off the high vibrational frequency created from a weekend of ceremony and ritual. It was not long before we all brought out our oils, crystals, sage, pendulums and singing bowls out of our bags and joined in circle. It was clear that we'd all been practicing rituals alone and with the opportunity to come together, radiant magic poured in. The power of ritual was clear and we felt the frequency of love amplify as we opened a portal of love. Read More

Why I Do a Digital Cleanse Weekly

It’s rare these days to be without our phones and most of us are constantly checking them. Some days I find myself looking at screens for twelve hours, and wonder where did my day go? Electronics make it easier to connect to the world, but what are the effects of always being on? Read More

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